Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand I was a man with many interests. He spoke 17 languages. He was a traveler, botanist and hunter. He collected many of artefacts and carried out his own research. He discovered a species of butterfly (Dzerinkia cerisi Ferdinandi). All collections concerning hunting, botany and traveling you can find in the Mansion Svätý Anton.

Ferdinand was the last inhabitant of the Mansion Svätý Anton. You can still see his private rooms and as a couriosity, even his last menu here. Ferdinand’s story of life is really interesting for everyone who would like to be inspired. You can read more about him on the webpage about Mansion Svätý Anton museum.

Ferdinand Maximilián Karl Leopold Maria Sachse-Coburg Gotha, known as the Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand I, was born on 26th of February in 1861 in Vienna in the Sachse-Coburg Gotha family. He left the Mansion Svätý Anton in 1944 to go to Coburg, where he died on September 10, 1948. You can see the inscription on the golden plate on his coffin in the family tomb : „… I wish to lay my ten bones in the lap of the beautiful Slovak nature….“.

We have already written about the Mansion Svätý Anton, a beautiful place near Banská Štiavnica, UNESCO Slovakia heritage. It is a perfect target for your day trip in Slovakia.

Pictures: Wikipedia, MSA