A pleasant destination for a family day trip is the Pillnitz Castle, located near Dresden in Germany. Walking through the castle park along the banks of the Elbe River will recharge your energy. We recommend to go there especially in the spring. The gardens are full of blooming flowers and life. The magnificent castle building completes this beautiful picture.

Pillnitz Castle (German: Schloss Pillnitz) is a restored Baroque palace at the eastern end of the city of Dresden in the German state of Saxony. Pillnitz Castle was the summer residence of many electors and kings of Saxony. The Pillnitz Castle complex consists of three main buildings, the Riverside Palace (Wasserpalais) on the riverfront; the Upper Palace (Bergpalais) on the hillside, both Baroque with Chinoiserie elements; and the later Neoclassical New Palace (Neues Palais), which links them together on the east side. The buildings enclose a Baroque garden and are surrounded by a large public park.

Pillnitz could be reached from Prague in 1,5 hour of driving.

Pictures: Empire Tours ltd