The picturesque town, two hours of driving from Prague, gives an experience of extraordinary history. A pleasant walking through the city will give you needed power and good mood. A special feature is the Simultaneum – St. Peter’s Concathedral. It is a church that actively serves both, Catholics and Evangelicals. It is divided into two parts. Its beautiful architecture and art works will delight your eye and your soul with a pleasant artistic experience.

Bautzen (Czech: Budyšín) is an informal metropolis of Upper Lusatia, today Germany. This area is located on the boarder of Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. It was inhabited by Lusatian Serbs. There is still living about 10% of Lusatian Serbs with their mother language Lusatian Serbian. You can still see bilingual names in the city. The territory belonged to the Czech Crown in the period 1329 – 1635. It has been a part of Germany since 1900.

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